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JeffMAC - Tainted

“You can fail at what you don’t want to do, so you might as well do what you love.”

– Jim Carrey

My Bio


My name is Jeff, but I go by the name JeffMAC. I'm a Rap Artist, Professional Music Producer, and Audio Engineer. I've worked with artists locally as well as internationally. As well as with artists on their first day, to artists that are Grammy Award winners. I generally work with Rap or EDM music but I’m open-minded and willing to work on projects of all genres.


I specialize in Writing Lyrics, Music Production, Mixing, and Mastering. I’ve been writing lyrics, recording vocals, and mixing sessions since 2007.


As a professional, I believe in keeping audio exciting, original, and high quality. I really enjoy creating my own style and sounds as well as helping others create their own signature sound. I’m determined but flexible in order to give my clients a reliable audio service that fits their schedule and needs.

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